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Walk into any wood flooring company in Mandeville and the experts there will all agree–wood flooring is one of the best and most versatile floors for your home. Now comes the hard part: picking the best type of wood floor for your climate. The experts have a few tips to help solve your conundrum.

First, there are two types of wood flooring: solid and engineered. Engineered wood is comprised of several layers of wood fiber, pressed and glued together with a thin layer of real wood on top. Solid wood is cut directly from the tree into planks and measured to your specifications.

Generally speaking, all species of wood react to climate change differently, whether they are solid or engineered. In areas of high humidity, wood can buckle and warp. In dry areas, wood can split and crack. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t usually use wood in bathrooms. This is because of the higher levels of humidity. Installing dehumidifiers and exhaust fans, however, can help to alleviate the rising levels of humidity and protect your flooring.

Engineered wood is not as vulnerable to humidity when compared to solid wood flooring. This is because the layers are pressed tightly together in the manufacturing process making engineered wood less porous. This is why it is better suited for high humidity environments.

Solid wood flooring can be used in areas of high humidity as well but with considerable caution. The varying thicknesses of wood plank can affect the amount of moisture they hold. Thicker planks can generally hold more moisture in, which can lead to warping. That is why is it important to consult the experts at Perque Flooring for advice on the best flooring for your next remodel.

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