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At Perque Flooring and Perque Cabinets and Countertops, we believe in providing affordable options to help you achieve the style you want in your home. Contact your local store to learn more about our financing options and see if you’re eligible for our current 12 months 0% interest promotion.

Installation Services

*All our Installations employ the latest in techniques and equipment to insure the best possible installation for our customers.
*More than 50 years of experience has taught us the value of doing it right the first time.
*Our estimators will plan out each project to make sure project specifications are followed in detail.We also often remedy small problems and issues before they become big problems.
*We are licensed and insured.
*High levels of organization on the estimating side lends to less confusion for clients and installers. Everyone understands the different facets of the installation prior to commencement.

Estimating/Inspections (Flooring)

Get Updates on Flooring Options

Our team of experts ensures that our clients and readers remain updated on new flooring designs and materials. Therefore we publish blog posts with new and informative materials. Check our flooring blog post.